‘Be a Friend to the Coast’ Touts New Tax Season Option For Contributing to Coastal Conservation

San Francisco – For those who spend time at the beach, it can feel less like a destination and more like a friend.

This tax season, the California Coastal Commission, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the California coast and oceans, is asking people to help out this old friend by making a charitable donation.

Californians now have a new, easy way to contribute to the protection of the coast when they fill out their state personal income tax form. A charitable contribution “check box” is now available which allows taxpayers to make a donation to the Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund. This option makes it easy for those who love clean beaches and want to protect and restore the magnificent coast and ocean to do their part.

In order to raise awareness of this new check-off box and motivate people to make a donation, gyro San Francisco has launched the “Be a Friend to the Coast” campaign. The effort that will run in March and April will include TV, print, online, radio and transit.

The creative shares serene shots of the coast with the messaging: “It’s our home. It’s our playground. It’s our friend. And it needs our help.”

“This is a very special campaign to meet a critical need,” said Chris Parry, Education Director at the California Coastal Commission. “gyro has done an incredible job in creating this captivating campaign – they’ve really embraced the cause as their own. We are confident that Californians will respond in kind and will ‘check the box’ for the Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund on their state tax form. It really is a simple way to give back to our beloved coast.”

“The special bond people have with California’s coast is truly special and, like a great friend, we’d miss it if it were gone,” said Steffan Postaer, Executive Creative Director, gyro San Francisco. “That is the kind of humanly relevant concept which defines our agency and hopefully inspires others to help this friend in need at tax time.”


About the California Coastal Commission

The mission of the California Coastal Commission is to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations. It works in partnership with coastal cities and counties to maximize public beach access and recreation, provide for priority coastal development, and assure that new development will protect coastal resources including wetlands, wildlife on land and in the sea, water quality, coastal tourism, and scenic vistas. The Public Education Department administers the Whale Tail Grants Program and organizes Coastal Cleanup Day, which help to raise public awareness of marine and coastal resources and promote coastal stewardship.

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