Business decision makers are the most ‘always on’ of the ‘always on’

(NEW ORLEANS, LA) February 10, 2011  Business decision makers are among the most perpetually tethered to streams of telecommunications. So says Rick Segal, worldwide president of b2b agency gyro,. Segal addressed delegates attending the 12th Annual ‘Marketing World Executive MindXChange’ hosted by Frost & Sullivan, which concluded today in New Orleans.

“Business decision makers are the most ‘always on’ of the ‘always on,’ the growing population of people who are rarely disconnected from streams of communications flowing to personal computers and mobile devices,” said Segal. “In a world in which a so-called butterfly on the other side of the world can cause brand disruption and send stock prices tumbling in real-time, today’s business decision maker is the archetype of a mind almost literally always at work,” he added.

Segal led a workshop session of senior level marketing executives on “The @ Work State of Mind,” a new model for reaching, persuading and activating business decision makers. He reasserted a theme he’s been recently advancing around the world with the zeal of a biblical prophet, that BtoB marketing is in the rear-view mirror. “BtoB marketing is obsolete,” Segal said. “Most of the work that goes on in BtoB marketing is simply hospice care on a marketing practice model that’s been stone cold dead for several years now.”

“Work is no longer a place,” he said, “It is a state of mind.” “Work goes home, home goes to work. People are constantly toggling between working and home-ing,” he observed. “We simply must abandon our legacy model of communicating to firms and job titles, and zero in on igniting the hearts and passions of individual human beings who are making business decisions wherever they are, at all hours of the day.”

The conclusions about business decision maker connectivity are drawn from preliminary results of a global primary and secondary research effort being conducted by gyro called, “The @ Work State of Mind Project.” Segal expects to share more detailed findings from the research at the annual conference of the Business Marketing Association in Chicago in June, and publish a book in early 2012 on a new model required to reach and influence business decision makers.