Grant’s Whisky Appoints GyroHSR for Digital Strategy

LONDON – (November 30, 2009) – William Grant &
Sons, the award-winning family-owned distiller, has appointed GyroHSR
after a three-way competitive pitch to handle a global digital strategy
for Grant’s, the world’s oldest and most popular family-owned blended
Scotch, with a mandate to build a direct relationship with the whisky’s
diverse and growing number of drinkers around the world.

has been tasked with planning and implementing a three-phase global
digital relationship management strategy kicked off by the launch of a
refreshed brand Web site and wider online engagement driven by social

The new digital campaign, launched a hundred
years after family member Charles Gordon first took the now iconic
Scotch whisky to the world in a year-long journey, plans to include
dynamic creative content personalised to fans as well as new drinkers
of Grant’s. For the first time, Grant’s will also use social media
channels to ignite consumer conversation around the Grant’s Whisky
brand and capitalise on the medium to build relationships with its
thousands of drinkers around the world.

Says Julie
Bettiol, Grant’s brand manager, “The whisky-drinking map looks very
different today from when Charles set out to convince the world to
drink Scotch a hundred years ago. Thanks to him, there’s a whole world
of drinkers enjoying Grant’s today—from Latin America to Russia to New
Zealand—so our new digital strategy can help us keep in touch with this
emerging community in a way that simply wasn’t possible in the past.”