GyroHSR Introduces Decision Maker Laser

NEW YORK–(May 04, 2010)–GyroHSR has launched a new digital tool that analyzes and then dynamically serves marketing messages based on anonymous business data of visitors. The GyroHSR Decision Maker Laser, powered by Bizo, is the B-to-B industry’s first integrated data, display and search advertising, and audience management platform.

Bizo, which offers the world’s first targeted B-to-B ad platform and a database of more than 45 million business professionals, leverages its deep business profile, or “Bizographic” database, to anonymously associate data with website visitors. When combined with GyroHSR’s own analytics and digital creative, clients can maximize their marketing spend by delivering highly customized messages to their own and third-party websites.

“Target marketing has reached new heights today with the launch of GyroHSR’s Decision Maker Laser,” said Frannie Danzinger, senior vice president, media, GyroHSR. “GyroHSR is the only B-to-B agency able to offer real-time analytics and custom content delivery. By tracking, analyzing and serving up creative in real time and even sequenced messages, our clients can laser focus their marketing efforts.”

“GyroHSR is clearly a visionary in the B-to-B space. Our combined efforts resulted in a robust solution to a fundamental problem B-to-B marketers face in focusing their spend only on their target audience,” said Mark Dye, co-founder, Bizo. “The Decision Maker Laser is a key differentiator as it combines the ability to know who is visiting a site with the ability to immediately deliver messages based on that information.”

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