GyroHSR Launches Student Mentorship Program

LONDON – (September 29, 2010) – The Cincinnati office of GyroHSR has partnered with a local high school to create a unique mentorship program for young and aspiring marketers. The program offers 17 students from the Madeira High School, a rare insight in to the working and creative environment at the world’s largest B2B marketing agency. The initiative is part of GyroHSR’s global CSR program, the G Foundation.

The mentoring program is being run by GyroHSR’s John Dobbs and Carolyn Ladd; both of whom worked closely with the school’s administration team to create a curriculum designed to engage and ignite the students’ interest in marketing and communications.

The class of 17 were chosen after senior year students at Madeira High School took part in a number of interviews with senior executives at GyroHSR.

Over the next twelve weeks the students will be introduced to various departments within GyroHSR Cincinnati, ranging from PR to media to branding to social media. The curriculum is designed to offer the students “real life” experiences in working at a global agency network. As part of their practical learning, the group will work in two teams and prepare a marketing plan based on a dummy brief; culminating in a “Pitch Idol” style presentation.

The G Foundation was set up over 10 years ago and is designed to offer young people a better chance in life.