GyroHSR Selects ClickEquations Paid Search Platform to Power Client Search Programs

Conshohocken, PA – (October 5, 2009)
The world’s largest B2B Marketing agency, GyroHSR today selected
ClickEquations’ Paid Search Platform for management of their search
programs for worldwide business-to-business (B-to-B) clients.

search is a critical component of GyroHSR’s offering. By standardizing
its paid search management platform, GyroHSR can improve campaign
efficiency and deliver even stronger results for pay-per-click (PPC)

“ClickEquations stands out because they
understand the dynamics of the paid search auction and the type of
toolset required to maximize an advertiser’s return on ad spend. Our
clients benefit from ClickEquations’ intuitive and flexible reporting
framework, intelligent bid management and campaign optimization
capabilities. In fact, it’s more complete than any other platform we
evaluated,” said Ryan DeShazer, global director of search marketing at

Features particularly important to GyroHSR include:

  • Comprehensive Reporting:
    Over 40 predefined reports enable GyroHSR search managers to quickly
    review performance among search engines. Reports include previously
    unavailable details such as full search queries, Google’s Impression
    Share metrics and Quality Scores, and proprietary metrics ClickShare
    and ClickVariance.
  • Powerful Bid Management:
    Most enterprise B-to-B advertisers are in the lead-generation business,
    and the ClickEquations bid-to-CPA (cost-per-acquisition) algorithm
    enables GyroHSR to easily optimize their returns.
  • Risk & Opportunity Prioritization:
    Guidance features in ClickEquations help PPC managers easily find
    potential revenue and waste, so efforts can be prioritized accordingly.
    These features include keyword imbalances between search engines,
    proper match-type assignments, Quality Score deficiencies and others.
  • Flexible Revenue Attribution:
    ClickEquations gives GyroHSR the ability to view results based on last
    click, first click or linear allocation of revenue, and vary the
    attribution model used in different bid rules. This component results
    in more accurate bidding on different types of keywords within client
  • Clear “Client-Friendly” Dashboards:
    Using ClickEquations Analyst, an Excel plug-in, GyroHSR can freely
    analyze search accounts and efficiently produce reports and dashboards
    to share progress with clients.

“GyroHSR is
serious about achieving great paid search results and brings a
sophistication and rigor to their analysis and optimization of complex
B-to-B search campaigns. As paid search campaigns grow larger and the
search environment grows more complex, sophisticated search teams are
finding they need a new breed of technology to outpace the
competition,” said Craig Danuloff, president and founder of

Fortune 100 companies, global
marketing agencies, and a wide range of large and active paid search
advertisers have adopted ClickEquations since its initial release
earlier this year.