Lincoln Financial Says Hail to the Chief Life Officer

Lincoln Financial Group launched a new leg of its “Chief Life Officer” ad campaign during Election Day. Created by gyro New York, the campaign reminds people across the country that no matter who was elected, that they are still in charge of their own lives and their own financial futures. Full-page print ads appeared in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today and TV debuted on CNBC and other cable outlets.

The ads stated simply: “Hail to the Chief Life Officer. Whether you live in the White House, the red house, or the apartment house, you’re in charge of your own future.”

The campaign “portrays each of us as the commander-in-chief of our own life,” said Jamie DePeau, chief marketing officer for Lincoln Financial Group. “When it comes time to take the steps necessary to achieve a sound financial future, what goes on in the home office should be just as important as what goes on in the Oval Office.”

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