Parasol and ClearSky Contractor Accounting Rebrand with the Help of gyro Manchester

Manchester [November 9, 2015] – Parasol and its sister company ClearSky Contractor Accounting have launched a complete rebranding effort with the help of gyro Manchester.

Parasol, one of the UK’s largest professional employment companies, and ClearSky, a specialist contractor accountant, are part of the Optionis group. Together, they have looked after the employment and accounting needs of more than 90,000 skilled, flexible workers to date. Both brands wanted to better reflect the friendly, professional and unrivaled way in which they treat contractors based on their personal circumstances.

gyro Manchester was tasked to redefine the Parasol and ClearSky brand visions and distinguish them from competitors by approaching customers in a fresh, inspiring and humanly relevant way. From intensive workgroup sessions to in-depth audience interviews and focus groups, the agency was able to identify the insight that Parasol and ClearSky consistently deliver an exceptional service that evolves with each and every contractor.

The rebrand includes modernised logos, a new tagline of ‘with you all the way’, new brand assets and imagery and two fully redesigned websites.

The new brand identities also birthed ‘WorkStyle’, a rationale and ethos to aid the new creative platform. It’s the idea that every contractor has their own way of working, which underpins the Parasol and ClearSky offering and their support for individual circumstances.

New imagery plays up ‘with you all the way’ and features ‘little helpers’ that interact with contractors by offering support no matter the circumstance. In one execution, a giraffe sits on a calculator next to a worker who is filling out his paperwork. In another, a wolf sits at the foot of a worker’s desk during a late night work session.

James Lawton-Hill, marketing director at Parasol and ClearSky Contractor Accounting, said:”After 15 years of building Parasol and ClearSky and securing our place as an industry leader in contractor management, we’ve created a new brand identity and promise to represent our ongoing commitment to support contractors all the way through their careers. This means they can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll continue to get the best advice and experience the same great service they’ve come to expect from us.”

“This is a brilliant example of a rebrand being driven from the insight. While the two businesses had clear objectives, it was through in-depth audience research we uncovered that, in the transitory world of contracting, it’s continuity and reliability that’s valuable”, said Belinda Green, associate strategy director at gyro Manchester. ”With this insight and the fact that Parasol and ClearSky consistently deliver an exceptional service that evolves with the contractor, we could build a brand platform that’s authentic and emotionally resonates with the audience.”


About Parasol and ClearSky

Parasol is a professional employment company designed to support contractors and freelancers by providing them with unrivalled employee support.

ClearSky Contractor Accounting supports contractors who want to make the move to limited, providing them with best advice based on their personal circumstances and financial support throughout their contracting career.

About gyro

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