Owners of Small and Mid-sized Businesses Motivated by Convenience and Relationships

NEW YORK – (March 1, 2010) – There is a growing
preference by small-business owners to source and buy from local
suppliers, with 52 percent agreeing that buying from local businesses is
more appealing than it was one year ago, according to a white paper by
GyroHSR and the Enterprise Council on Small Business (ECSB). The two
organizations jointly released a white paper to help marketers reach
owners of small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB). “Leveraging Local to
Reach Small Businesses” provides insights into how national brands can
tap the SMB market, where business owners increasingly prefer local

“National business marketers are increasingly seeking to grow
revenue by engaging the SMB audience, all the while challenges to
effectively and efficiently reach and engage an audience that is
progressively favoring to source from local suppliers.” said Rick Segal,
North America chief executive and B-to-B global practice leader,
GyroHSR. “The findings discussed in this white paper will positively
influence how marketers take on the challenge of appealing local.”

“The SMB market is the true engine of our economy but has
traditionally been daunting for marketers because of its scope,” said
Mike Hensley, executive vice president of global client service at
GyroHSR. “We’ve taken 30 years of market experience and the latest ECSB
research and synthesized it into the most important and valuable lessons
for businesses looking to win with this market.”

ECSB research found that SMB owners are driven to buy local
for two main reasons: They believe local suppliers are more convenient.
And they want a relationship with someone they trust and who understands
their needs. By addressing these needs and “appealing to local,”
national brands can shape more compelling value propositions and
marketing initiatives to help them compete at the local level.

The report explains how these research findings can be
applied to all aspects of an integrated marketing campaign, including
branding, public relations, digital, media and search. Each section is
written by a discipline leader at GyroHSR with years of experience
helping national brands craft and deliver messages that resonate with
SMB owners.

Download a copy of “Leveraging Local to Reach Small
Businesses” now at http://www.gyrohsr.com/pdf/LeveragingLocal_SMB.pdf.
For more information on how to reach small businesses, contact Mike
Hensley at +1 513.346.3446.