SXSW 2014 PanelPicker – VOTE GYRO!

gyro has contributed eight unconventional ideas to SWSX Interactive 2014. We need your votes to bring them to life via SXSW’s Panelpicker.

All you need to do is (quickly register) and give the session a thumbs up. Here are the sessions:

1. Advertising’s Next Act: Persuasive Technology

We are entering a whole new re-ignited Mad Men-like style of marketing bravado armed with new tools of technological persuasion that just may make advertising more relevant than ever before. Today, the hard sell is out of style. Consumers’ mistrust and awareness of advertising techniques are at an all-time high. But marketing’s biggest way around this apathy is right in front of us. This panel will discuss persuasive technology and how its function and design can change a user’s attitude or behavior.


2. Loud & Clear: Social & Content Tactics for B2B

Social media has matured. So what does this mean for business-to-business brands? It means that now is a perfect time for marketers who value engagement analytics, quality over quantity and targeted messaging. This session will discuss the best new tools for B2B social media, how marketers are putting a value on their efforts with social media and how the consumer discovery process has been altered forever.


3. Come Together: Lessons from Tech, Rock, Religion

We all just want to fit in. This session is on a mission to show brands the power of learnings from tech, from rock-n-roll and from religion. Because, in a digitally fragmented and socially mobile world, the desire to belong, to fit in, has never been so great.


4. Cool Innovations from Strange Combinations

It’s been said that the truly interesting innovations occur at the boundaries – or intersections – of disciplines. This panel discussion will emulate the spirit of intersecting ideas by bringing participants through a Design Process to achieve a similar and modern result; thereby bringing together seemingly divergent thinkers to build amazing things. Informative and engaging, each workshop participant will brainstorm and concept at least three new startup ideas.


5. The Disappearing Sales Process

The sales process is disappearing before our eyes. B2B decision makers used to rely heavily on their salesperson for these high-consideration purchases. Now buyers are trolling the web to identify and qualify vendors. What does the salesperson of the future look like? We’ll explore what aspects of the sales process are quickly disappearing and what buyers really want from companies given this new sales environment.


6. The Middle East’s Social Media Underground

Arab youth find social networking services like Twitter and Facebook great tools to challenge the status quo and shake things up in their conservative society. This panel will describe how the local youth has found ways to navigate through the limitations imposed by government censorship and the social requirements of their conservative society, creating thriving private social networks that help them to share and communicate freely.


7. UX Lessons from Frodo

For every time you have to do a repetitive work task…For every time you have to scrub the toilette…For every time you have smile for the camera… Just remember… we do it… FOR FRODO! Frodo is also the driving force for why we need to work harder at UX. Too often user experience is more cumbersome than the journey to Mount Doom. This session will explore the basic principles in persona generation and defining an audience to lead to a more successful product.


8. Rethink the Ecosystem: Let Digital Save the Planet

Digital gave brands the ability to put what they produce on an infinite stage, and an infinite audience the ability to go behind the scenes of how they produce it, increasing people’s consciousness and desire to make responsible choices. This panel will bring to life how the most-forward thinking brands are increasingly shifting from digital to digital sustainability, and how the word ecosystem is finally recovering its deepest, original meaning.

All told six different gyro offices (Cincinnati, Dubai, London, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.) submitted these strong session ideas. We look forward to seeing them come to life. Especially after securing not one, but two sessions during last year’s SXSW Interactive Festival.

Thank you for your votes.


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