New York [August 12, 2014] – gyro has contributed six unconventional ideas to SXSW Interactive 2015. We need your votes to bring them to life via SXSW’s Panelpicker

All you need to do is (quickly register) and give the session a thumbs up! Here are the sessions:

1. Only Human: Why Emotion Trumps Data

We live in an age of machines where computer algorithms, predicative analytics and “smart” technology govern the way we interact. Yet, despite all of the data, when it comes time to make a business decision, the majority of executives trust their gut most of all. This session will delve deep into findings from the “Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions” research report while also sharing insights as how to arrive at the pure, humanly relevant essence of a business.

Solo: Christoph Becker, ceo+cco, gyro

2. Holy Eli Whitney: The Rise of the Digital Farmer

Digging, planting, harvesting…farming has been an analog process from the early days of man and womankind. Not any longer. The effect of digital on farming cannot be understated and it is only picking up more momentum. This session will show how this overlooked demographic is winning using digital.

Solo: Doug Kamp, Executive Creative Director, gyro Chicago

3. Everything You Know About B2B Marketing is Wrong

Business. The word used to conjure up dreary images of briefcases and press shirts. But today the idea of business itself has become aspirational, exciting and magnetic. This session will explore the radical shift from brand marketing to business marketing as customers are increasingly looking for an emotional connection.

Solo: Scott Gillum, President, gyro Washington, D.C.

4. The Impact of the Middle East’s Mobile Revolution 

Today there are more people with mobile phones in the world than people with potable water. There is no place where this statement is more relevant than the Middle East – and it’s not because of a water problem. This session will analyze why this mobile revolution has happened as well as its deep political, economical, cultural and social ramifications.

Solo: Gui Rangel, Executive Creative Director, gyro Dubai

5. Icons of Today: From Social to Societal Media

Wonder why the topics of religion and iconic brands are often part of the conversation and why comparing Jesus Christ to a bottle of Coke or to a jar of Marmite may not be so much of a heresy after all? The session brings to life the very origins of iconic marketing and demonstrates how iconic brands go far beyond just using social media, aiming to be relevant within society at large.

Solo: Auro Trini Castelli, Head of Strategy, gyro New York

6. How Fat Enterprises Can Act Like Lean Startups

Silos. Legacy issues. Bureaucracy. The list of barriers in the way for big businesses to act like true innovators is many. But we all know the excuses aren’t good enough anymore. This session will exlore the musts any business must embrace in order to think small.

Solo: Ethan Hays, Head of Digital Products, gyro New York

All told four different gyro offices (Chicago, Dubai, New York and Washington D.C.) submitted these strong session ideas. We look forward to seeing gyro keynote three years running at SXSW Interactive.

Thank you for your votes!


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