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New York [August 10, 2015] – gyro has seven inspiring session ideas for SXSW Interactive 2016. We need your votes to bring them to life via SXSW’s PanelPicker.

All you need to do is quickly register and give the sessions a thumbs up! Here are the sessions:

1. Dial-Up the Soul of the Business: Why Culture Wins

The value of culture in attracting talent has been known for years. But new research suggests that the same attributes are equally likely to make a company desirable to work with as to work for. Culture has taken the lead as the primary driver of long-term business relationships, according to a new global study of 500 executives conducted by the FORTUNE Knowledge Group and global advertising agency gyro. Too often, company culture is discussed but not properly nurtured and elevated. This session will explore how some of the top companies in the world are winning with culture.

Solo: Christoph Becker, ceo+cco, gyro

2. Data and the Culture of Indecision

“Data-driven decision-making” is a cliché that often yields very little actual decision-making. We rely on data to hide incomplete stories and rationalize personal prejudices, overwhelmed by its complexity. The key to overcoming these issues and turning data into a ROI-generator? Understanding them. When we trust too much in machines, we forget that “hard” facts are the product of “soft” social context: who’s asking the questions and when, how sources are chosen, and how the results are shared. Data should push us to explore, innovate, take the right risks and get creative. But first, leaders have to learn to ask the right questions and promote exploration within their organizations.

Solo: Patrick O’Hara, chief strategy officer, gyro

3. Why Every Business Is in the Healthcare Business

Every business is a technology business. But there’s another theme that unites businesses: the impact of healthcare in the workplace. Whether it’s the costs related to providing benefits, the complexity inherent in our healthcare system or the drive to improve wellness via employee engagement, healthcare has become the dominant concern of both employers and employees throughout the U.S. This session will focus on how healthcare has become one of the strongest currents in the workplace, and why communication around healthcare is an ever more critical dimension. It will also explore how organizations can stay competitive, connect with employees and set themselves up for future success.

Solo: Wendy Lurrie, managing director, gyro:human and gyro New York

4. Emotions in the Workplace…Why You’re a Hot Mess

Moving into a new role at work? Giving a big presentation? Developing a new initiative? How do you feel during these crucial moments and how does that impact your behavior? That is what CEB, a best practice insight and technology company, set out to understand. It polled executives on the key moments in their career and asked, “What does it feel like to be in these moments?” The findings helped to better understand what most motivates action. This session will explore the emotional rollercoaster that we all endure before, during and after these pivotal moments in our career, which will help to better understand oneself as well as the most powerful motivators for anyone in business.

Dual: Scott Gillum, President, gyro Washington, D.C. and Rob Chen, Chief Marketing Officer, CEB

5. Do You Speak Mobile? Reversing the Tower of Babel

The phenomenon of high mobile penetration in some of the world’s most underdeveloped countries is a contradiction with today’s perception of mobile technology and innovation. At the forefront of the mobile curve are emerging countries that have integrated mobile as the default device and channel. What makes this even more startling is how mobile has managed to navigate and unite a region characterized by wildly different cultures and languages. This has all been a result of the intuitive and common mobile language that they all speak. With billions of users migrating and adopting smartphones and using a common language, what will this mean for brands?

Solo: Abel Sim, Head of Strategy, gyro Singapore

6. B2B Is Getting Digital All Wrong

B2B decision-making is vastly different from B2C. So why do organisations selling other organisations take the same approach as B2C marketers when it comes to digital strategy?

Instead of using digital channels to broadcast a message outside the company walls, B2B should be using digital to bring their customers and prospects inside their company culture to experience it for themselves. After all, company culture is the single biggest driver of long-term business relationships, according to Fortune Knowledge Group and gyro’s new “Beyond the Brand” report. This session will explore how B2B organisations can use digital better to amplify both company culture and B2B sales.

Solo: Belinda Green, Senior Planner & Digital Strategist, gyro Manchester

7.  Get Real: A VR/AR Reality Check for Humans

The promise of virtual and augmented reality is huge, without question. Yet, people (and businesses) are hesitant to accept it into their lives for reasons you probably wouldn’t expect.

The technological foundation is there. That’s not the real barrier anymore. Rather, it’s emotions, logic and, well, just being human that has caused hesitation.

This session will explore historical examples of technological adoption and the psychology behind the acceptance of such advances at individual, organizational and market levels. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of AR/VR, where it is in its life cycle and how and why emotions impact adoption.

Dual: Callie Leone, Associate Global Strategist, gyro and Rob Weiss, Director of Business Development, YouVisit 

All told five different gyro offices (London, Manchester, New York, Singapore and Washington, D.C.) submitted these strong session ideas. We look forward to seeing them come to life.

Thank you for your votes.


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