Are Bots The Next Generation Of B2B Marketing Employees?

As buyers continue to be more equipped to do their own research during the buying process, a new wave of technology has blossomed to help aid them in these efforts. Virtual assistants—whether through voice or chat—have been creeping into the B2C landscape for some time now, but experts agree their potential in B2B is even greater.

The Rise of the AI-Empowered Social Influencer

Join experts from, musefind and gyro as they discuss how AI is fueling influencer programs for business and what’s next at Social Media Week New York on March 1.

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  1. Panic, Paranoia and the Reality of Bots

The hype around chat bots has been building nonstop. Businesses are building these one-on-one virtual assistants at a break neck pace. The next thing you know, many jobs done by humans will become obsolete. Right? Not really. Remember when people thought call centers were dead when the “World Wide Web” became a thing? Bots are in the same position. Bots have the potential to create more value than ever for businesses, becoming an important and complementary way to communicate with customers and employees. and gyro will discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of bots in the present day, as well as what future implications bots will ultimately have on business, the workplace, and humanity.

Dual: Kristian Kabashi, Head of Operations, gyro New York and Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO and Founder,

  1. How Bots Are Making Business More Human

There’s an old advertising maxim: “When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one.” This is where business-to-business advertising has failed for years. Too often, it’s been companies attempting to talk to companies and not the people in between. Enter bots. Bots allow brands to speak for themselves – not in some Turing test kind of way or just to wow audiences with Watson-like AI. It is simply about a customer having a conversation with a brand, in the moment, about their wants and needs. Bots are the answer to this. By transforming our interface from screens to the people, and brands we are communicating with, we can be human again.

Panel: Jaime Schwarz, Creative Director, gyro New York, Clara de Soto, head of communications, and Chao Liao, co-founder, Snaps

  1. Why Engineers Struggle at Building Great Products 

So many talented engineers fail to commercialize their products. Shame. They follow a pattern of feature-heavy, poorly designed goods that try to solve too many problems. Instead of getting defensive, engineers can approach this issue with an open mind and figure out ways to get past the early adopters. This session will discuss what works to get engineers out of this rut, why the current process is broken, and ways engineers can break bad habits. After all, engineers are problem solvers, and this ticket has been open for too long.

Dual: Vinit Patil, Creative Director, gyro San Francisco and Weidong Yang, CEO and Founder, Kineviz, and CTO and Founder, SKUE

  1. GE, HPE & McKinsey: How to Avoid the Content Trap

Sure, everyone’s a publisher. But the world of branded content is in danger of collapsing under its own weight. Even the best information tends to remain within inboxes unread. At the same time, top companies are being asked to manage vast content supply chains across many channels and formats like a publisher, but without actual publisher operations. How are GE, HP Enterprise and McKinsey overcoming these content realities? They have reinvented themselves in terms of infrastructure, innovation and overall perception of what content really means. The benefits are many: luring top talent, crowdsourcing innovation, and helping their companies actually stop and think.

Panel: Adryanna Sutherland, President, gyro Cincinnati, Tomas Kellner, Senior Managing Editor, General Electric, Barr Seitz, Director Digital Publishing and Marketing, McKinsey & Company and Richard McGill Murphy, Editor in Chief, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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