Corn Refiners Association: GenerationWhy

After years of partnering with gyro on research-based reputation management campaigns, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) came to us with a request: The food and beverage manufacturers, who consulted the CRA for cutting-edge consumer insights, wanted to know more about millennials. So we designed a custom research study — the first millennial consumer segmentation of its kind — to examine this hot topic in more depth and detail than anything else available to the industry.

The resulting campaign, GenerationWhy, revolved around a series of core pieces, including a webcast and several custom-coded interactive white papers, plus a tailored suite of amplification content, all driving toward the CRA’s ultimate goal: to sign up manufacturers for on-site research presentations. These presentations enabled the CRA to start a productive dialogue with its audience about what really matters to millennial consumers and how those insights can inform the formulation and marketing decisions of food and beverage manufacturers.

Click here to view the interactive white paper “Millennials: It’s Complicated.”

Click here to view the interactive infographic “The Kid-Z Menu: Millennial Parents Bring New Priorities to the Table.”

Click here to view the virtual social feed “Meet the Millennials: New Research Reveals Four Distinct Millennial Consumer Segments.”

Click here to view the infographic “Chew on This: Millennials’ Snack Preferences Change When They Have Kids.”

Click here to view the infographic “The Limits of Change: How Some Millennials Choose Tradition.”

Click here to view the e-book “10 Items or Less: How Parenthood Changes the Way Millennials Buy Food.”