Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Enterprise.nxt

How do you own the conversation around a topic as pervasive as digital transformation? It starts with intimate knowledge of global trends, industry insights and ridiculously useful content. The HPE Enterprise.nxt content platform engages business and IT leaders with forward-facing topics that coalesce at the intersection of technology, economics and human needs to provide answers and guidance during an age when digital disruption is changing how everything is done.

gyro developed the Enterprise.nxt creative identity along with the personas, buyer journey and content strategy.

Armed with the Enterprise.nxt platform and strategic foundation for content, the gyro:fuel and creative teams developed a series of seven highly visual reports, three slideshares and various articles exploring how disruption affects industries, businesses, infrastructure, security measures and more. The creative and editorial approaches for these reports have been well-received by the HPE team around the globe, with 98 percent of the content downloads from Enterprise.nxt developed by gyro:fuel and creative. Approximately 40 percent were to the flagship report: Enterprise.nxt, which was developed by gyro.


Healthcare Rx: A dose of the new digital reality and how IT can help create a healthier world.
Download the “healthcare.nxt” Report


What role will telcos play in the connected world of tomorrow?
Download the “telco.nxt” Report


How banks can thrive in a world of digital services, currencies and consumers.
Download the “banking.nxt” Report


New digital services, powertrains and ownership models are transforming the auto industry.
Download the “automotive.nxt” Report


Digital disruption impacts every industry. Here’s how to win in an era of constant change.
Download the “enterprise.nxt” Report


The top emerging digital technologies and key insights for enterprise business leaders.
Download the “technology.nxt” Report


In a digital-first world, public sectors must rethink their approach to providing citizens with the services and information it needs to flourish in the future.
Download the “citizen.nxt” Report